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First Presbyterian Church of Monticello, IL at 214 South Charter Street, Monticello, IL, 61856

Summer Activities at FPC

VBS 2017 Mission Monticello VBS was a success!

Here are are a few photos when we visited Maple Point -




Here are some of the fond memories from last year's Middle School mission trip to Cincinnati

Middle School Mission Trip to Cincinnati, OH

The middle school and high school students came back from their week of service with a lot of fun stories to tell. They were also well worn from working in various projects in the greater Cincinnatti area. Some were at a camp digging around oak saplings, putting weed guard on them and covering it up with some wood chips to protect the young trees as they are replacing many other ash trees that have fallen due to the infestation of the ash beetle. Some students were the big brother, big sister programs helping out with existing ministries with their energy and enthusiasm. Other students and leaders were at an inner city dance studio helping kids learn what they themselves were passionate about.Group Mission trips provided the message which this year was "The Road". They followed along the Bible story of the disciples walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24. There was worship, group times and skit times too.Somehow we all fit into a church not much bigger than our own with about 90 other people!












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